2012 Worldbook v0.9

Download the latest version of the KANAR Worldbook.

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2017 KANAR Rule Book

Download the most up to date KANAR Rule book.

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Skill and Spell Lists

The skill list with costs are in the rulebook but if you want a quick reference guide, click here.

While the core spell lists are included in the current rule book, these sheets allow players to quickly record their memorized spells, allowing play to move forward more smoothly for everyone. Remember that your incants should be no fewer than five words per level, up to a maximum of thirty words. They may be longer if you wish, but they should not be shorter.

Bard Song Spell List

Earth/Water Spell List

Fire/Air Spell List

Character Creation

Your character is unique to you. Its skills and knowledge give it a unique advantage, and perhaps obligations, in the world of Kanar. To create a character for the first time, please Click Here, and mail it to the Character Book Staff for approval. The rule book governing character creation can be downloaded or viewed here on the Downloads page.

Starting Equipment Costs

And what does a budding hero need to save the world these days? This list is a very simple chart to help new players price out their gear, using the starting silver they are awarded when they join the game.

You can view your Equipment List and debit costs here.

Standard Operating Procedures

LARA File: 730282

KGE Standard Operating Procedure - 1.4-KGE-SOP

Rules of Order - 1.1-KGE-RO

Written Policies - 1.5 KGE-POL

Corporate Bylaws - 1.0 KGE-BYL

Powers and Duties of the Directors - 1.2-KGE-DIR

Support Staff Rules and Regulations - 1.3-KGE-SPS

Disciplinary Procedures - 1.6 KGE-DSC

Kanar (K1) Standard Operating Procedure - K1 SOP 3-2015

Game Operations Policies - K1 POL 1-2015

Rules Clarifications

Media Policy 2015

Caretaker Update Page

KGE Building Guidelines

Caretaker Contact

Proposed Business Plan